SecPloit is a pasting platform coded by Lawrence Amer , an independent Security Researcher .

#Whats the idea of this platform ?

the idea is to prepare a space for coders , and pasts lovers , even Security Researchers who are interested in sharing their findings , Secploit offer you a secure platform , you can create encrypted ,private,public pasts with syntax support for any language you love .

#Whats the new in this platform since others do it befor ?

actually it is full free service , support encrpted pastes , with expiry date , also support burn on ready as new feature. you can also generate QR code to share it with your friend as trusted refernece

#What's the benfits from Registeration ?

pasters can also register to get verified account by us , he can manage his pastes , and for sure in future other plans will be added if you like this project .

#do you accept Vulnerability sumbission ?

yup for sure , since it is a platform for sharing we encourge you to share your finding with us . and since this projet is owned by a security researcher i can also accept your help to secure it more , so if you find a vulnerability in our platform , just report it to our email : we are only interested in Crtical Vulnerabilities