Build Your Virtual Lab


proxmox who is an Open Source Server solution that help Pentesters , Maleware analysis to manage , build their Virtual Lab easily .

  1. Download Proxmox from here  

Installation process

Now that you have proxmox you can burn in on a CD or USB Drive.

( I will use virtualbox to show you the process of installation through screenshot )

1 – Select Install Proxmox VE

then start process of installation by Selecting the drive where you want to install proxmox and click next

and you have to set a password and use a valid email ( The email is used for password recovery )

Choose the name of your hostname e.g : pentest.local or malware.local

 connect to the Virtual Lab

Now that you have finally installed Proxmox, use the static ip you’ve set to log in


and login with your account details .

create a Virtual Machine

after successfully done all steps above , you can start to upload your iso , image into it

and now you done all required steps to launch your Virtual lab


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