AutoRDPwn – Shadow Attack


AutoRDPwn is a script created in Powershell and designed to automate the Shadow attack on Windows systems . This vulnerability allows a remote attacker to view his victim’s desktop without his consent, and even control it on request.

Powershell 5.0 or higher


Version 4.0
• Fixed a bug in the scheduled task to remove the user AutoRDPwn
• The Scheluded Task attack has been replaced by Invoke-Command
• It is now possible to choose the language of the application and launch the attack on English versions of Windows
*The rest of the changes can be consulted in the CHANGELOG file

Execution in a line:
powershell -ExecutionPolicy Bypass “cd $ env: TEMP; iwr -Outfile AutoRDPwn.ps1;. \ AutoRDPwn.ps1″
The detailed guide of use can be found at the following link:

Download Here

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