Document Title : Intel SGX SDK V2.2.100 - Remote Code Execution / Local Privilege Escalation via Improper file verification

Author : SaifAllah benMassaoud views : 133 Date : 2019-01-11

Description :

CVE : CVE-2018-18098 

a high-severity flaw in install routine for Intel SGX SDK and Platform Software for Windows before version V2.2.100 allows local attackers to escalation of privilege via improper file verification by using a malicious .BAT file. 

at other phase, this security vulnerability can be exploited to execute remote code via a malicious .bat file and it allows a remote attackers to remotely control computers by convincing the victim to visite a malicious site hosted with a malicious bat file .

Once the file is opened, it will automatically download and execute a malicious code from attacker's server to the vulnerable setup version of intel SGX SDK on the victim's machine .

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